Eroica wall is a small crag in kloof gorge, Durban that makes up for it’s diminutive number of routes in impeccable quality. Each route is naturally sculpted into to steep face, providing a sustained wall with endless crimping. It is one of my favourite crags and lies only 20 minutes from my home.

Phantom of the Opera is a memorable route with some awesome moves.

Scott Sinclair on the heinous crimpy section of Phantom of the Opera (28/7c)

Despite a few good red point burns, the Phantom has lived up to it’s namesake, alluding me every time. I guess it is time to up the training ante considerably.

Yesterday I bouldered harder than I have since the nationals. It wasn’t a particularly long session but I did long hard moves. A mixture between a desire to send and some words from a wise person have encouraged me to work on pushing harder while training. What is more is that I managed to avoid taping up the old niggling finger and did not have any pain. Progress!


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